TenCate Geotube® Sand Filled Mattress (SFM)

Geotube® Sand Filled Mattress (SFM) is a containment product manufactured from two layers of engineered fabrics stitched together at regular intervals. The bottom layer of the mattress is composed of a woven geotextile while the top exposed surface layer is composed of a special engineered composite geotextile that provides excellent abrasion resistance and durability capable of trapping settling sediments to aide in establishing vegetation. When filled with sand, the resulting mattress is used as revetment along riverbanks, channel slopes and other waterway sections and impoundment slopes for erosion protection.   

Geotube® sand filled mattress typically range in thickness from 0.15m to 0.3m. It is delivered in rolls which can be easily transported to site. Laid with parallel tubular sections running down the slope, each are hydraulically filled with sand on-site through the top openings. Adjacent rolls of sand filled mattresses are joined by seaming on site and is completed by anchoring it in a trench at the top of the slope.

Benefits of Geotube® Sand Filled Mattress:

  • Effective solution for flood mitigation projects and erosion protection of riverbanks and channel slopes
  • Highly robust and durable mattress system with excellent abrasion and UV resistance
  • Enables entrapment of sediments to encourage natural vegetation growth
  • Cost effective and is easy to transport and install
  • Sand filled mattresses are available in beige and green options

Typical Applications of Geotube® Sand Filled Mattress


Revetments are used in coastal and marine environments to protect the toes of coastal cliffs, bluffs and dunes, and to protect exposed land areas.

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